Dying for Spring!

For my first post I wanted to start with an outfit which combines the spring styles I am dying to start wearing and work them into the weather I am *cough* enjoying. I put together this outfit while I was visiting my parents in Florida on spring break, so it was a bit warmer than PA where I am living for school right now. This outfit could quickly be made warmer with some tights and brown leather boots.  Links to similar pieces are below the pictures. Thanks for reading!

Please excuse the pale skin, windblown hair and sunburned nose. I was outside for the first time in a long time that day! 🙂

BBB 1.1

BBB 1.4

BBB 1.3

BBB 1.2

BBB 1.6

Skirt: Boutique in NYC, similar found here

Blouse: TJMaxx, similar found here

Shoes: Simply Vera (at Kohl’s), similar found here and here

Jacket:  Ridiculously old, can’t remember, similar found here

Necklace: Made it myself! Possible DIY tutuorial on this later! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Dying for Spring!

  1. style snapshot says:

    Wow, such a cool idea for a necklace! I didn’t even realize they were bobby pins until after a second or third glance. This is a fantastic first post. You have such lovely, bright smile. Keep it up 🙂


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