Skinnies, Sequins, and Rhinestoned Sweatshirts

Hello Ladies and Gents,

 You might have noticed that rhinestone sweatshirts, circa the 1990’s, are back! Well, personally, I think it’s awesome because I happened to rock this look about 2 decades ago and am stoked that I can do it again with a little more chic-ness. I think it is perfectly acceptable considering I bought this short-sleeved version at Francesca’s, and it goes so well with my teal skinnnies! Of course, no outfit of mine would be complete without a pop of another color, so I naturally had to wear my fuschia, sequined Chinese Laundry flats and some more autumn-friendly fuschia lipstick. What is your guys’ opinion of the old-turned-new rhinestoned sweater/sweatshirt look that stores like Francesca’s, JCrew, and Old Navy are bringing back?



Sweatshirt: similar
Skinnies: similar
Flats: similar , Similar









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