Basic Baubles Every Fashionista Should Own

When I was a little girl, during visits to my grandmother’s house I often snuck away to her bedroom, dug into the top drawers of her dresser and escaped into my own little world playing dress up with her costume jewelry. Luckily, as I got older, she handed down some of her treasures to me, thus sparking my obsession with collecting all things bauble. Since then, I have grown my collection into what seems to be an ever-increasing entity that’s probably worthy of its own blog post all together. This affinity for statement jewelry is based on my belief that jewelry turns a basic outfit into something truly unique to the individual wearing it. However, not everyone needs to have a massive collection of baubles to choose from in order to make the most of their wardrobe.So I have put together a list of the five basic categories of jewelry that everyone should have to mix and match all of their outfits appropriately. You’ll see my pattern quickly, but each category contains a piece for your neck, a piece for your wrist, and also for your ears. To make it a bit easier to visualize, I provided examples (from my own collection) of pieces that fulfill this list:

1. Gold

i. Simple, but statement, gold dangle earrings

ii. Simple, but substantial, gold necklace

iii. Simple, possibly textured, gold bangle/cuff


Necklace: Express;   Earrings: Dillard’s;   Bracelet: Vintage

2. Silver

i. Simple, but statement, silver dangle earrings

ii. Simple, but substantial, silver cuff/bangle

iii. Glittery, not too large, silver necklace


Necklace: Kohl’s;   Earrings: Jennifer Lopez (Kohl’s);   Cuff:Vintage

3. Black/Gunmetal

i. Simple, but substantial, black sparkly earrings

ii. Simple, shiny, black cuff/bangle

iii. Multi-layered, shiny, black necklace


Necklace: Loft Outlet;  Earrings: Vintage;  Cuff: Vintage

4. Pearls

i. Statement dangle earrings with pearls or large pearl studs

ii. Statement pearl bracelet or single strand pearl bracelet

iii. Statement, multi-layered, pearl necklace (I bet you’re noticing I don’t do ‘simple’ well. You don’t need quite this many layers.  Two strands would be sufficient, I just think more than one layer offers more versatility.)



Necklace: JCPenney’s;  Bracelet: Charming Charlie’s (check my “Affordably Formal” post);  Earrings: Vintage


5. Mixed-Metals (gold and silver)

i. Mixed-metals short-length, simple necklace

ii. Mixed-metals long-length, simple necklace

iii. Mixed-metals watch/bracelet

iv. Rhinestone studs, preferably with gold metal setting



Watch: Anne Klein;  Long Necklace: Francesca’s;  Short Necklace: Swarovski;  Earrings: Dillard’s

With all of these pieces, you should be able to sufficiently accessorize every outfit from work-wear, to your LBD, to a pair of jeans without spending too much in order to accessorize each new clothing item. If your style isn’t quite this bold, it’s ok to choose more simple pieces, I just happen to love larger jewelry for myself.

And don’t worry, I am already planning the ‘How-To’ post about how to wear your established jewelry collection, and where to go from here when making additional bauble purchases to amend this basic collection.

What sorts of jewelry-wearing/buying tips are you hoping I will provide in the next post? What sorts of necklines give you trouble with picking necklaces? Not sure if it’s ok to layer bracelets and watches? Can you wear statement earrings and a statement bracelet? Let me know what bauble dilemmas you need help with and I’ll make sure to add my tips. Thanks for reading this lengthy post, and make sure to stop by next time you want read my babbles about baubles! (Sorry, I just had to say it!)


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