Fashion and Function: How to Dress for Thanksgiving Dinner with Style

Thanksgiving is around the corner and I’ve started thinking about what I want to wear that’s stylish enough to look good in photos with family and friends, but comfortable enough that after three helpings of Grandma’s stuffing you don’t feel like a stuffed sausage. A blogger friend of mine over at LoveNiki suggested that I participate in a link-up with her and some other bloggers to give our readers some ideas for Thanksgiving dinner outfit ideas that are both cute and comfortable. Niki will be posting on Tuesday so be sure to check her post out to get a look at some other adorable bloggers! Thanksgiving dinner is always a tricky one to dress for because I always want to make sure that there’s room to breathe. The last thing I want is for my entire extended family to be able to see how many pieces of pie I had because my clothes were constricting. So to combat any expansion that may occur, I picked an empire-waisted top that’s a bit extra long (just enough to cover up any pants that may need unbuttoning) and colored skinnies with a substantial amount of lycra so there’s extra room. So what do you think readers: what are your solutions to preventing wardrobe malfunctions at family holiday gatherings???



Pants: Loft; Similar (and cheaper!)

Top: Unknown; tee option; peplum option; peplum option 2; Empire waist top I love

Boots: Clarks; similar

Earrings: random boutique; similar

Jacket and scarf: Nordstrom Rack (2 years old)

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