Shopping in Chambray


Hey Readers!

December is here and that means lots of trips to the mall to complete my ever-growing gift list for Christmas! Shopping during this time of year is often an exhaustive adventure so a girl should come as prepared as possible. This includes not only the obvious things like a purse that’s easy to carry and comfortable walking shoes, but also certain outfit items that you might not think of. For me, present shopping often involves trying things on to see if they will fit the person I’m buying for; whether it’s a sweater for my sister or a jacket for my dad, putting things on often helps get rid of the guessing game. In order to make this easiest, I like wearing a button down shirt, particularly with snap buttons, because it’s easy to take on and off a whole bunch of times. I also HATE HATE HATE having to take on and off a coat, or worse, carry it through the mall when my hands are already filled with bags and a Starbucks cup.  So, I always leave my coat in the car and wear a warm shirt and scarf so I am not totally freezing when I step outside but won’t sweat all day walking around. I also wear shoes that slip on and off easily in case I find boots on sale. Ok so yeah, this is totally selfish and completely for me but sometimes you have to treat yourself. You all know you’ve done it too. And finally, I don’t like wearing a lot of jewelry when shopping because it’s a pain to want to see how a necklace will lay or earrings will look if you already have a whole bunch on. I thought this outfit was really helpful when I went out and about on Black Friday. What are your favorite tricks for staying warm and comfy but hassle free during your holiday shopping trips?



Chambray Shirt: Forever21

Red Skinnies: Kohls. Similar

Leopard Flats: Target

Watch: Anne Klein

Earrings: Natasha at Dillards; VERY similar

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