Girls Night in Evergreen

One of the best parts of Christmastime is being back in your hometown with all your girlfriends from high school and college. It’s the perfect time for a girls’ night out on the town to catch up and do something worth dressing up for! However, hometown hangouts tend to be on the slightly more casual side, so a good way to balance that is by taking a dress with a slightly more casual fabric and punching it up with some glittery, metallic accessories. (For this, gold is an obvious favorite). Festive green earrings, a statement bracelet and glittery pumps gave some fabulosity (new word) to my little green number. What would you wear to meet up with your gal pals during the holidays?

Ps: Apologies for the awkward missing left earring, it fell off and I had no idea until I started editing this post. Then, it was took dark outside to go take new pictures, so here I am in my earringless glory.  Anywho, I found it in the snow, YAY!

Dress: Forever21; similar fave

Bangle: Natasha; Similar 

Earrings: JLo @ Kohls; Similar Style; Similar color

Pumps: BCBG; Similar

IMG_3256 IMG_3258 IMG_3260 IMG_3261IMG_3262 IMG_3265

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