Chilly Chic

Hi Friends!

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while, but with the end of the holidays and being in the middle of flu season, naturally I caught whatever bug was going around. Twice. With weather like this cold snap we’re having right now it’s easy for your immune system to take a hit if you don’t protect yourself properly against the elements. What’s a girl to do about trying to look stylish while wearing layer upon layer of warm clothing? Conveniently the answer to this question came to me when I unwrapped this sweater on Christmas day! A thick flowy sweater like this is perfect to hide multiple layers of leggings, corduroy pants, boots, thermal long-sleeved tees, et cetera underneath! To make it look more chilly chic than frozen frump keep the color scheme monochromatic. On the plus side for my shorter readers, all black like this will help elongate you so the sweater doesn’t eat you up like a leftover Christmas cookie. What do you think of this subzero weather ensemble?


Booties: Dillard’s (old); Sweater: Mademoiselle Boutique; SimilarSimilarNecklace: Dillard’s; Bracelet: Kohl’s; Similar

IMG_3290 IMG_3291 IMG_3292 IMG_3294 IMG_3296

PS: Are you as obsessed with this necklace as I am!!! Hint: Shopping the clearance jewelry at your department stores (like Dillard’s) is always fruitful and offers treasures like this one for under $15!

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