The Frugalista’s Guide to Winter Coat Shopping!

Hi Friends!

I’m sure you’ve noticed, but it’s COLD!  For a Midwestern girl like me, this isn’t that big of a deal, but when your winter coat is too shabby to remain in commission, it becomes a problem. The coat I’d been wearing for about 2 years started out as a BEAUTIFUL off-white jacket with very pretty lapels and buttons; it even had a fantastic waist-cinching belt! And then it started becoming more and more depressingly dingy over time. Being the problem-solver that I am, I figured dry-cleaning would restore it to it’s once eye-catching eggshell hue. Alas, even after shelling out the wad of cash to clean it, it looked just as bad as before it was ‘clean’. Needless to say I was in need of a decent coat as soon as I could get one.

While this seems like a dilemma since nice/warm coats can been uber expensive, RIGHT NOW is the perfect time of year to buy a winter coat because just about every department store has them on sale as February brings the spring merchandise in! So if you need one go quickly to your local Macy’s or department store and snatch one up while the price is right. Luckily for me, on top of this studded beauty being on sale at my Dillard’s, I had a gift card. That brought this purchase down to a whopping $35!!!! Fabulous, am I right?!? So Go right now!!!


Coat: Dillard’s (Cheaper online at Nordstrom); Leopard Skinnies: Guess outlet; Similar; Similar2Gloves: TJMaxx; Similar

IMG_0035 IMG_0038 IMG_0031 IMG_0040 IMG_0041 IMG_0042 IMG_0043

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