Pretty Like a Peacock

Happy Superbowl Sunday!

While this post is totally unrelated to any sort of Bronco or Seahawk, it  is loosely related to peacocks! This awesome statement necklace kind of reminds me of an upside-down peacock plume. Especially when I put it on top of this peacock-hued Limited blouse. And I love it! If I could be an animal I would definitely be a peacock because their feathers are one of the most beautiful creations in all of nature! So what do you all think of my peacock-y look?


PS: If you really like this blouse, check out the Limited website right now because although it’s not exactly cheap, they’re currently having a BOGO blouse and shirt event. AND free shipping on purchases over $125. Normally I don’t really like blogging pricier options, but you know that when you spend it on items from Limited that you’re getting really good quality clothing.

Shoes: Aldo; SimilarTop: LimitedSkirt: TJMaxx; SimilarNecklace: Charming Charlie ($5 from the clearance section: Score!); Clutch: TJMaxx; Similar

IMG_0045 IMG_0055 IMG_0044 IMG_0054 IMG_0057 IMG_0052



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