A Neon Love Affair

Hey Readers!

If you haven’t noticed yet, I am obviously head-over-heels for this neon chartreuse cardigan. I fell even harder for it when I saw how it paired with this near-neon/barbie-pink lipstick from Covergirl. It’s hard to tell in the pictures, but this shade makes this 30-something day look and feel a whole lot warmer. So much so that I skipped the pants drawer and pulled out a pair of tweed shorts. The two neon colors gave this pretty average black and white look a little spring in it’s step; not to mention it just made me feel pretty. Isn’t that what style is all about anyway? Making you feel your best? I’d say so….


Top: TJMaxx; Cardi: Loft; Shoes: NineWest (thrifted); Bow: Michael’s;

PS: the lipcolor’s name is “Bombshell “..I’d certainly agree it fits!

IMG_0358 IMG_0362 IMG_0364

PS: sorry my eyes look kinda creepy in the second and third pictures….I guess the sweater makes them pop?

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