Spring Teaser

Hold everything, it was in the upper 60’s and up in Cleveland this weekend! Naturally I found it appropriate to bring out my Anorack jacket and some, wait for it…..open-toed shoes! While my skin is blindingly pale and my toes sans summer polish, it felt nice to be able to run around without a coat on top! More importantly, I am also wearing two of the items I thrifted at Goodwill for the fashion show! Can you tell which pieces they are?!?! I bet not, and that’s the beauty of thrifting: you never know what you’re gonna find, some of that even includes brand new items or items that you would never known were gently worn! What’s your guess? (Items listed below pictures)


IMG_0366 IMG_0365 IMG_0368

Scarf: Thrifted; Tee: TJMaxx; Jeans: Thrifted; Similar; Shoes: Guess; Similar; Jacket: Michael Kors (Nordstrom Rack);

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