Peplums and Polkadots

Happy Easter!

Just wanted to drop in really briefly to post what I’m wearing for Easter brunch today! Wearing this necklace makes me feel kind of like an Easter Egg, but I think the polka dots seal the deal because making polka-dotted eggs are my favorite way to decorate. At the end of the outfit pics is a picture of the eggs my mom and I made yesterday afternoon and then quickly consumed this morning since they kept dying our fingers deep shades of purple and blue. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and enjoy this beautiful weather!



Dress: Macy’s; Similar; Necklace: JCrew; Similar;ย Similar

IMG_0384 IMG_0388ย ย IMG_0455

4 thoughts on “Peplums and Polkadots

  1. pregaming with coffee says:

    Hey! Just discovered your blog via the Good Style Fashion Show page. Love the color of those shoes with the polka dots!

    Hopefully we can meet at the show; I’m friends with Jessica of Midwest Muse and she asked me to participate and I’m excited ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great day!

    – Gina


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