Goodwill Good Style Fashion Show 2014


This past Thursday was the Goodwill’s Good Style Fashion Show where I debuted my Spring/Summer 2014 “Collection.” I had the most amazing experience with my friends and family members as my models; as well as working with the wonderful people at Goodwill! (Shoutout to Crista Adamczyk! Thank you!) The collection was completed by shopping at different local Goodwill locations and staying in a $125 budget for all 9 outfits! I believed it was possible to create so many looks using such affordable pieces, but I still impressed myself with what I was able to come up with! So many of my items were brand new with tags on when I purchased them. (ie: Brand New Loft Shorts!)

The theme of my line “Hometown Treasures” was based on the idea that I wanted to be able to wear each outfit to a different location or event in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. For example, the outfits were intended to be worn to the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame, Playhouse Square, or the Westside Market for some crepes. If you haven’t had a crepe there yet, do that NOW I even had my girls walk down the runway to the tune of “Treasure” by Bruno Mars, because I’m cheesy like that! I know that I had an awesome evening and my models and guests did too! What do you all think of my ‘collection’? Aren’t you inspired to start thrifting more often?! I know I am! How could you go wrong when you can find amazing treasures for your closet, are friendly on your wallet, AND help out your community with every purchase?!


PS: sorry the pictures are a little blurry or glared, the lighting was amazing in person but didn’t photograph as well as natural light does 🙂IMG_2695  IMG_2700 IMG_2701 IMG_2706 IMG_2707 IMG_0502  IMG_0504 photo (11) IMG_0507  IMG_0500IMG_0509 IMG_0510 photo (12)IMG_0514 photo (17)IMG_2712photo (15)photo (16)

11 thoughts on “Goodwill Good Style Fashion Show 2014

  1. myclosetisfull says:

    What an amazing project! My jaw literally dropped when I saw what you could do w/ $125. Very impressive, and the outfits are all something I would wear! Congrats on what looks like an awesome show


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