Tribal Maxi Dress + How To Shop without trying clothes on

Happy Hump Day Readers!

I recently scored this dress off the 70% clearance rack at Nordstrom Rack in Westlake. Normally I don’t buy things without trying them on but really wasn’t in the mood to exert the energy it would take to tackle the dressing room. So, because I was tired and lazy I bought it with the intent of returning it if it didn’t fit. Luckily it fit perfectly when I got around to trying it on two days later and I fell in love with it! I think the number one reason I like it (as I struggle with patterned maxi dresses) is because it has a long vertical line down the center of the skirt; thus, tricking the eye to make me look taller than I am. Score! And normally I would never suggest not trying clothes on, especially shorts or pants for those of you that might have a bum that is troublesome like mine. However, I guess if you need to buy before you try it:

  1. Stick to tops or dresses only.
  2. Know cuts and necklines that always look good on you.

  3. Make sure the store has a good return policy.

  4. Be willing to make the trek back to actually return the item if need be.

Have you ever done this before? What are your tricks to buying before you try something on?


Dress: Nordstrom Rack; Similar1; Similar2; Similar3; Similar4; Similar5Shoes: Michael Kors (TJMaxx); SimilarBracelet: vintage; Similar

Blue Maxi 2 EDIT

Blue Maxi 1 Blue Maxi 2 Blue Maxi 3 Blue Maxi 4

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